International Night: Planning Meeting

2/7/2023 8:41 am

International Night is presented by Home & School Club and marks the return of a long-time Oster tradition. To prepare for International night, we need YOUR help. Next Planning Meeting: Wednesday, March 8, 6-7pm in the Teachers’ Lounge


International Night is on Wednesday, April 19, 5-7pm


Purpose: To introduce Oster families to the many different backgrounds we come from at Oster and to foster an awareness of and appreciation for other cultures 


Event Timeline: Doors open 5pm. Families and friends tour the booths

        Live Performances from 5:30-6:30pm (10 mins per country-optional)


Countries Include but more are welcome: China, Egypt, India, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, New Zealand


Booths:  Consider an arts and craft activity, food optional, create visuals through flags, pictures, costumes


To learn how you can be part of such a special event, please contact Eva Vathis at eperakis1@aol.comCountry commitments due by Friday, April 7.