We Need You!

Sign up for your interest here: https://www.osterhsc.org/volunteer/123239


There will be many opportunities in the 2023-2024 school year and beyond for you to join in! Email VPHSC@osterhsc.org to learn more or offer your time and talents. Current and upcoming needs are listed below: 



Harvest Festival ​​(CHAIR FILLED – HELP NEEDED) 

A fun community event in the spring full of games, food, and fun activities. Committee members will help plan and coordinate the vendors and recruit and manage volunteers for the event. Email VPHSC@osterhsc.org to join the team. (10/28/2023)


Haunted House (2023-24 POSITION OPEN) 

Coordinate planning, building, tear down and volunteer sign-up (traditionally 5th grade students and parents) of the Ahhhh-mazing Oster Haunted House open one night only for the Harvest Festival. Email VPHSC@osterhsc.org to join the team (10/28/2023).


Frozen Fridays (HELP NEEDED)

Ongoing ice cream sales every Friday after school for 20 minutes.  Sign up here dates are ongoing. 


Mileage Club  (POSITION OPEN) ​​

Ongoing student supervision needed during lunchtime for about 30 minutes to help students scan their mileage club badges as they complete their laps.  Occurs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.  Sign up here dates are ongoing.


5th Grade End of Year Team (2023-2024 POSITION OPEN) ​ ​ ​​ 

This year we want to bring back all the fun end of year events that have traditionally taken place for our graduating 5th graders!  This team of volunteers will help to make decisions and plan these events including Golfland field trip, last day of school picnic, painting of the ball wall and graduation day extras. Email VPHSC@osterhsc.org to get involved.


Enrichment Fund (Formerly know as Education Fund) (CHAIR FILLED - HELP NEEDED)

Support the biggest Oster fundraiser of the year by joining the education fund team. This team communicates the mission and vision of the Oster Home & School Club in order to build support and raise funds to make all the other magic happen. Email Nicki Rogers at nicnic97@hotmail.com to join the team. (Tentatively 8/30/23)


Corporate Matching (POSITION OPEN) ​​

Many companies will match donations and make donations for volunteer hours. This position will be a resource to educate and guide people through the donation matching processes. Email TreasurerHSC@osterhsc.org to volunteer. 


Corporate Sponsorship​​ (POSITION OPEN)

​Sponsorship chair duties include maintaining current sponsor relationships, while soliciting new prospective sponsorship. Email TreasurerHSC@osterhsc.org to volunteer. 


Project Cornerstone​​ (CHAIR FILLED ~ HELP NEEDED)

Volunteers read to students six times throughout the year stories that facilitate positive self-esteem, problem-solving techniques, and acceptance of differences. Readers will need training, to be a reader and help prepare lesson plans provided by Project Cornerstone. Learn more about it HERE. Email ostercornerstone@gmail.com to join the team.


Book Fair (2023-2024 CHAIR NEEDED)

The book fair will be early in March 2024.  This is a much anticipated event of the year where we turn the Media Center into a book store for our students and families to purchase books.  It takes a lot of help from our Oster families to put this together from set up, to taking on shifts during the day to help run the cash register inside the book fair to helping clean up on the last day. Email TreasureHSC@osterhsc.org if you are interested in a leading/helping with book fair for the 2023 - 2024 school year. To volunteer to help this year, sign up today!



Two leads needed to organize Staff Appreciation lunch in the teachers lounge on May 2nd & 4th. You will create a plan and ask for parent volunteers to provide needed food items. Email lizzyburtz@gmail.com to join this team. 



We are also looking for extra help obtaining donations, as well as making baskets and setting up the auction closer to the time. If you want to get involved, please contact donation@osterhsc.org and we can put you to work! 


Spring Event (CHAIR NEEDED)

This can be an special event to bring our community together in the spring. If you can dream it we can do it! Email presidentHSC@osterhsc.org



We will be bringing back the Oster Walk-A-Thon this year on Friday April 21st, traditionally called the Cougar Dash!  This will need a team of volunteers to help plan as well as volunteers  to help on the actual day with marking laps, passing out water bottles, set up and clean up, etc. Email VPHSC@osterhsc.org to join the team. 



Help rebuild and maintain our garden. Work with the teachers and students to sow, plant, and grow a garden to be proud of. Email cshruti81@gmail.com to join the team. 


Technology & Webmaster (CHAIR FILLED - HELP NEEDED

Assist the team in keeping the Oster HSC website updated and running smoothly. Assist the board in leveraging Membership Toolkit tools and any other tech needs. Email WebsiteHSC@osterhsc.org to join this tech savvy team.


Room Parent Coordinator​​ (CHAIR FILLED)

This volunteer acts as a liaison between Oster HSC and room parents. ​​Help support room parents to perform their commitments throughout the year. Email PresidentHSC@osterhsc.org to volunteer. 


Room Parent

Each class has at least one Room Parent, sometimes a team of two or four. Room Parents help organize special celebrations in the classroom, volunteer for in-class activities like Art Vistas, Project Cornerstone, teacher appreciation, and other activities. Email PresidentHSC@osterhsc.org to join the team. 


Starting Arts Parent Producer (CHAIR FILLED)

Serve as a liaison between the Starting Arts producer and Oster to make our Spring Musical happen. Event promotion, registration, and communication between parents and starting arts for production as well as planning the cast party. Email presidentHSC@osterhsc.org to step into this role.