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Current Volunteer Needs:

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Be Involved! Volunteer!
Children learn more and have happier experiences when parents are involved in their school years and work together with teachers and the community. Come out and join us! We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at this year’s H&SC events. We hope that volunteering is both fun and rewarding! Below is a list of our annual events and volunteering opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering, please:

  • Complete the Contact/Volunteer Form
  • Volunteer sign up link
  • "like" our Facebook page to stay up to date
  • Contact us at osterhsc@gmail.com to be connected with an event chairperson
  • Ask your teacher how you can help
  • Attend the monthly H&SC meetings.

Art Vistas: Year Round
Description: Art Vistas is a program brought to the students of Oster by parent volunteers. These programs take place 6 times a year, and student artwork is showcased at our Open House at the end of the year.

Help Needed:  Each classroom will need at least one docent who will present the program to the class, and a number of helpers to set up, give out, and clear up materials. Training of the docents will take place twice a year at the Union School District Offices.

You can contact our head docent at artvistasoster@gmail.com for further details, or visit the Art Vistas website.

Frozen Fridays: Year Round

Description: A fabulously successful fundraiser introduced in 2015, and the kids love it too! Every Friday during the warmer months we sell either Otter Pops, Jamba Juice, or other frozen treats after the last bell. In the colder months we swap them out for hot chocolate, cookies, and other treats.

Help Needed: Volunteers to sell and serve the treats each Friday, pre-sales of Jamba Juice at the start of the week (morning and afternoon), advertising and Jamba order forms.

Bingo Night:
Description: This is a fun family event that takes place at the start of the year.
Help Needed: Current chair Shelly Cumming needs ​volunteers to arrange prizes, and on the night to distribute bingo cards, sell concessions, and help run the games.


Description: This event is Oster H&SC's main fundraiser. A family friendly event full of activities, music, and food takes place while students walk or run the track to raise money through sponsorship they have collected. Every event is always unique.  New and creative ideas for the event are always welcome

Help Needed:​  In the month prior to the event help required with planning and organizing, including obtaining external sponsorship of our WAT shirts, advertising, and getting enough volunteers and supplies for the day. On the day help needed with set up,  clean up, lap markers, food/snack handlers.  

We are currently looking for a new chair for this event.

Harvest Festival:
Description: No need to worry about Trick-or-Treating, come to Oster's Harvest Festival. Wear costumes, play games, visit our own Haunted House, enjoy food and friends, and of course get some treats!

Help Needed: For the Harvest Festival, volunteers are needed to run games and activities, sell concessions, and of course, set-up and clean-up. We also need someone to collect and organize the themed holiday raffle baskets from each class. Fifth graders haunt the haunted house and fifth grade parents supervise. This is such a huge event that lots of help is required in different areas.
Current chair: Jared Headley. Volunteers needed to work 1/2 hour shifts for games and food service.


Description: A new fundraiser for 5th Grade Science Camp started in 2016. The aim is for the majority of students to have their Science Camp paid for by the time they get to 5th Grade, through the Spell-A-Thons they take part in from Kindergarten onwards. Words are age appropriate, and are sent home over the winter break, so the Spell-A-Thon can take place in January 2017.

Help Needed: Volunteers to photocopy and distribute spelling lists and sponsorship forms, collect them, count and collate money.

We are currently looking for a new chair for this event.

International Night:

Description: Build community as we celebrate the holidays from around the world - we have such a diverse community at Oster that we like to celebrate this. Crafts, tasty goodies, and surprise guests await you!

Help Needed: Volunteers are needed to provide and/or serve food, run activities, general set-up and clean-up.

Scholastic Book Fair:
Description: Each Spring we hold a Scholastic Book Fair, so you can add to your home library, whilst supporting the school and classroom libraries.
Help Needed: Volunteers are need to help with set-up and take-down, as well as assisting students with purchases.

Our current chair Shelly Cumming is looking for a co-chair to work with this year.

Book Fair Movie Night:

Description: To celebrate the end of the Book Fair, we hold a family movie night in the cafeteria, with food and snacks available for purchase. You will also be given raffle tickets for purchases made during the Book Fair, which will be drawn after the movie.

Help Needed: Organizing and planning of event, including advertising, purchasing of movie permits, obtaining raffle prizes, running the raffle, running the popcorn & nacho machines, selling food and concessions, set up and clean up.

We are currently looking for a new chair for this event. The last movie night was so popular that we are considering running more of them throughout the year as fundraisers if you are interested in taking that on.

Silent Auction: 
Description: During our annual Open House in May, H&SC sponsors a Silent Auction Fundraiser. Our community supporters (and teachers!) provide goods and services for our fundraising purposes.
Help Needed: Beginning in January, letters and emails are sent out, plus personal visits are made for donations. Other duties include making up packages, making auction bid sheets, taking photos, details of prizes in advance on Facebook, and set up/clean up. Held in the Media Center during the Open House.

We are currently looking for a new chair for this event.​

Staff Appreciation Week:

Description: We love our Oster teachers and want to make sure they know it! A week long celebration of our teachers which can include special breakfasts, lunches, gifts, and other treats. We also come up with a theme for each day so students, if they wish, can bring in tokens of their appreciation.

Help Needed: Volunteers to plan and  organize staff appreciation events for the week. We are open to all and any ideas!

Yearbook: Year Round
Description: Our year in pictures! Each classroom have their own pages highlighting fun and important things they did throughout the year. Also included are all the fun H&SC and school wide events such as Science Night, the Halloween Parade, and Walk-A-Thon. Available for purchase at the end of the year (pre-orders are advised as these are very popular and run out!)

Help Needed: Our awesome chair Dina Rabago produces the Yearbook but she needs your help to document our year and take pictures of events, field trips, and even just fun activities in the classrooms.

Box Tops and Labels for Education: Year Round

Description: Last year we raised almost $1,500 through  Box Tops, and over $10,000 since 2012! If each  student sent in just 2 Box Tops a month, we would earn $1,000.  Labels for Education is winding down  but we have until 1 August 2017 to submit them and spend our points. Currently we hold a competition twice a year, and the class that collects the most Box Tops and Labels for Education get a Pizza Party or other prize.

Help Needed: Flyers and posters detailing competitions and dates, posts for Facebook and the website, collection, trimming, 'slimming' and validating of Box Tops and Labels before sending them in for the set deadlines.

General Service: Year Round

Home & School Club is available to provide support at all school events. We help to recruit volunteers if and when they are needed. We also provide administrative support to the Front Office when needed.